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Thread: Do zercher squats put stress on shoulders at all?

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    Do zercher squats put stress on shoulders at all?

    I injured my shoulder ages ago and it's still recovering. I feared that zercher squats(bar on elbows) might be hindering recovery due to pulling down on the arm and thus the shoulder.

    I've been researching though and heard some sources claim that zerchers are safe for shoulders. Also, when you think about it, the deadlift pulls down on the arm in the same way and I can do those pain free. Wasn't feeling pain on zerchers either but didn't want to take risks.

    Anyone have any knowledge about this and can help me out? If I stop doing zerchers my legs lose size. Not nice.
    The only lift I'm proud of at this point is a close stance, ass to grass zercher squat of 170kg x2 at 85kg bw. If only they held zercher squat competitions...

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    I've never felt any pain in my shoulders while doing Zercher squats. It was more in my biceps, so I stopped doing them. Just do them light and get a feel for it and see how it goes.
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