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This is where things get tricky to me, and where I tend to fail. When I start to try to do these things without a full understanding of how it all works, I screw it up, get discouraged, and get some chocolate......
The biggest challenge most have is learning how to read their own body when it comes to losing fat. The things I stated above were not meant to seem complicating. Listen to your body and be objective. After you have been consistently dieting with a structured nutrition plan look for things like hunger levels, energy levels, how you are looking, use the scale to an extent, but more focus on how you look, sleep, etc.. For a general example when dieting for a decent period of time in a relative calorie deficit, lets say 8 weeks you hunger levels are high, but you are feeling lower on energy, scale weight has plateaued for a couple weeks this could be a time to implement a calorie spike to rev things back up. You may need to also back off training volume just a bit for a week and see what happens.

The thing is, unless your getting ready for a contest, don't get discouraged or be afraid to try small tweaks during the dieting phase. This will enable you to better read your body's bio-feedback. In the future if you are still frustrated with results then look into hiring a coach so you can ask questions and learn.