Just cruising some other forums and am so frustrated about the idiocy I see. Really, people are complaining about Dan Green taking the slack out of the bar before he pulls. Also, I'm sick of the pause calls for raw benching. It's not a pause, it's motionless. I have completed in powerlifting now in 4 decades. This cry for a long pause is ridiculous. This was never a standard. The crazy multiply has changed this. Yes, the call can take a while because for some the descent takes forever. Also, people get that hover close to the chest so it looks like they are there forever.

Brandon Lilly had a youtube video of a meet from the 70's or 80's. I forget the lifter's name, but he is revered. Forgive my memory, I'm old. In addition I am at work so I cannot pull up youtube here. Anyway, there was no discernible pause. It looked no different than Mendelson's 715. People need to let of go of this old time revisionist history. It was funny, Bryant Gumbel was doing commentary. One guy buried his squat and another cut his close. They discussed how some guys will try to cut the squat right at depth. WOW, no way! I can't believe it! Someone doing whatever they can to get the most they can out of a lift. Duh!

Anyway, there are good and bad lifts. There have always been good and bad lifts. Live with it people. Get stronger and STFU! Present company not withstanding. WBB rocks!