Seems the recent trend in powerlifting has been comparison or sometimes even attacking training methods. As if we are at war between each approach or something.

What I find most interesting (from my perspective as a long time member at Westside Barbell) is that certain groups are flat out appalled that Louie feels the way we train is anything but the best.

My question, is why is this surprising? Our only goal is to get stronger and improve performance. There is no other agenda than that. If something else worked better we'd do it. Louie has a very specific way of doing things and it has proven successful. Things have changed in his approach over time as we've realized things could improve and grow.

Some of the insults of recent stem from an idea that he should not feel the way things are done in the gym is the correct way or most effective way to train.

So my question is, does everyone else feel this way about their own training? Do the writers of different programs feel they are allowing room for error, or do they feel that they are creating the best program out there?

How about your own training? Do you feel that you are training the best way?