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Thread: Multiply Squatters - How often do you use straight weight?

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    Multiply Squatters - How often do you use straight weight?

    Pretty simple question to all the multiply squatters out there. Last year training at 220 and multiply our squat training basically consisted of a DE day on fridays rotating bands and chains for 3 week waves. The 3rd week we would go "strength speed" and throw the suit bottoms on. This was always done off a BELOW parallel box. Max effort day was always a raw very low box squat with a narrow stance and various bars.

    Up to the contest, we never put the straps up once nor free squatted. This is how my gym owner (a 1000 lb squatter in numerous weight classes) has always trained. I ended up doing pretty well at that show.

    This time around we are going to do pretty much the same thing with a few changes. I have mentioned the idea of max effort free squatting every month or so.

    What do you guys do, specifically the ones who follow a traditional ME/DE split?
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    2 weeks straight weight and 3rd week reverse bands.
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    I've almost always used only straight weight for the powerlifts and I've competed mostly multiply (although more single ply and raw the last 3 years or so). I experimented with bands for a while a few years ago but I felt my range of motion was too short in all 3 lifts to get much of an effect from it. I used them more with DL's probably because it was my longer ROM lift and I felt I got some top end benefit from them. My other reason for using more straight weight is that I'm a bit old school in that I think you get better by practicing like you play. I've had several lifters at meets tell me they didn't train with more than 600 or 700 lbs. of straight weight during their meet cycle but had been up to 1000+ in band tension. Then I'd watch them bomb out badly trying to open at 900ish. They'd look like a deer in the headlights trying to get 900 in the hole for the 1st time all cycle. Nothing feels like a meet squat except a straight weight squat in meet gear and using your meet setup and technique. It's like going into the opening game of football season without having any full contact scrimmages in the practice sessions. At least that's my training philosophy. My biggest use of bands was and is as a stand alone apparatus for assistance exercises. The movements are only limited by your imagination.
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