Before I get to my question, a quick background. I have been lifting for a while and have always had a respectable deadlift and squat while my bench press has been less than stellar. If you looked at me you probably wouldn't think I deadlift or squat as much as I do, not that it is a ton but there are plenty of much bigger guys at the gym I go to that do a lot less. Due to this, I would like to give a hypertrophy routine a go (HTC12) but my dilemma is I don't know if I I need to increase my upper body strength first so it is effective.

Right now I am only benching 185 for six reps or so which is pretty bad considering I am repping out 315 on squat and getting close to 405 again in deadlifts. I don't really want to focus on a hypertrophy routine if it is only going to help the areas I am already strong in and my chest will continue to lag far behind.

Basically, I am just looking for advice from some of you more seasoned guys if I should focus on getting my bench numbers up first and then try HCT12 or should I just go ahead and jump into it. If I should just go ahead and jump into it should I add more chest work since that is where I am struggling the most?