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    EXPERTISE. What does that even mean in bodybuilding and the whole physique industry now? I know what it means to me, but it seems to mean something else out there to those who claim to be “Hardcore”. Recently I know a guy won a high level championship last year. He reportedly weighed about 230lbs at his show. Right after his show he was told (by his top level coach) to get up to 300 lbs by Christmas! Are you freaking kidding me! This is expert advice? How is gaining 70 pounds in 4 months functional, healthy, or related to performance enhancement.That kind of sudden and substantial weight gain would produce performance breakdowns of all kinds, not enhance them.

    And to the people advocating “pro stacks”. How is that an application of expertise or expert advice? It is instead the application of drug abuse in a sub culture that condones and embraces it. It is the application of extremism.

    It just reinforces to me how crazy and out of hand all of this is getting and has gotten. The experts that exist in bodybuilding exist more in reputation than in real terms. It’s hurting many out there. It’s time for someone to say crazy, when crazy is what it is. It is time to get people to train with a mentality of self-respect and dignity. These don’t come to you from getting bigger and more jacked. They come to you from a process of learning about yourself while undergoing a long term project like bodybuilding or athletics.

    Competition can be a worthwhile, but the process is where the winning comes from, the contest is second to that.

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    I agree, there are a lot of "gurus" out there that advocate dangerous and or ineffective practices.


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