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Thread: What do you guys do for a living/work?

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    Probably the best job ever for someone who likes BBing.

    Software developer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RFabsik View Post
    Shouting out for the mental health profession, I'm a psychiatrist.
    High 5!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinStarke View Post
    For 6 years I sold wine and hosted wine tastings in CT and NYC. I moved to VT last year and am now a wine buyer for two shops. Pretty hardcore I know.
    That... sounds... EPIC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GazzyG View Post
    That... sounds... EPIC.
    Equally impressed....
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    Im a commercial banker. I agree that balancing my training is 100% mental. Summer is always worse for me.

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    My old man was a plumber and has the body of an 85 year old at 55 to show for it. Always told me to get a job that wouldn't break my body, figured i'd let the powerlifting do that.

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    I'm a mechanic helper at Case International Tractor. Everything that goes on the tractors and combiners is very heavy, so it's a very physical job. Also in the South Carolina heat it is very hot in the summer. And sometimes I am out in the sun all day. I just try to drink a gallon or more of water a day and keep my food intake up.
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    Elementary P.E. Teacher and love it. Used to coach H.S. football and Middle School basketball too. I had little time to train or do anything else til I got out of coaching.
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    College football player.

    During the summer I work for a fire hose/ladder testing company for various fire departments, though.
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    I'm a dental student, so most of my life/time is scheduled around that coming first. Yes, I have had to adjust a lot. Never have enough sleep, rarely have a great diet, etc. It has certainly slowed my progress, but I make it work. I have had to move days around and skip one here or there, but it has never thrown me off by more than a few days. I think that lifting at 6:00am on 5 hours sleep puts me at about 80% of my potential fully rested though, so hopefully soon I will start really moving.
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