I'm curious to see what all of my fellow competitors here do for work. I would like to see the type of training you do and if you have found that certain methods have been necessary because of your line of work or if you needed to cut down volume or frequency because of your work. Four years ago I became a structural Ironworker. This is a very demanding physical trade. I feel like often in the gym I am choosing to do or not do certain things based on what I know I will be doing at work in the next day or two. Meaning, if I do a ton of volume on squats or pulls and know I will be climbing around steel the next day or moving some heavy shit around, I'm probably not going to push my volume on those lifts. Also, since I am very active at work I don't put a lot of emphasis on GPP work and/or cardio.

So now, if I sign up for a meet I really don't know what work is going to have in store for me those last few days before the meet. I might have some grueling, physically demanding days leading up to the meet. My next meet in July 13th and I just found out I might be doing overnights setting steel that week. This would mean I will be working until 5 AM busting my ass the morning of the meet.

Just curious if you guys also adjust your training based on your work or if you follow your training to the letter and just allow everything else to work itself out.