Reason for leg presses at the bottom of this post:

I've been doing leg presses and it was like my lower back was getting hit as well so I knew something was wrong. Leg presses, at first glance, seem like a pretty straightforward exercise, but I guess you can do them wrong.

1. I tend to put my hands on my knees. I stopped after reading that you are NOT suppose to do that. Is this because you are taking weight off your legs or is this causing your back to go rounded?

2. Should you be at a particular angle with the seat? And should you keep your head flat against the backboard? I tend to look to my feet to see if I'm getting to 90 degrees or not. I decided not to do this today and felt I got a better workout. Coincidence?

I tried doing 1 legged leg presses today, lower (Much lower) weight. I managed to use both legs to get into the starting position with ease, then dropping one leg to the ground. Is there as specific location your working foot should be on the end board? Shoulder width? More to center?

The reason (Everyone likes to squat, here's why I'm not right now) Right now my back is feeling strange and I've decided to take deadlifts and squats out of my routine for now. I go in for an MRI next week to see if anything is funny. After heavy deads or squats, I get this feeling from lower back to shoulders like someone is fulling hairs out. Like little pinches. It stays for a while then goes away. I just don't want to have to rehab a preventable injury. Gym trainers say my form is good. I haven't been given permission to bring a camera in yet, so I can't get the opinion of WBB members right now.