Just something that crossed my mind the other day. What defines success for you in powerlifting?

Winning or competing in certain meets?

Winning a national or world championship?

Making some money?

Placing on an "all time" list?

For me it really is pretty simple. i've always wanted to keep making a consistent improvement. I never have had a specific number that was my absolute limit. When I first started I wanted to bench 400 in a shirt. Things slowly progressed from there. I'm happy to keep pushing myself at a pretty agressive pace in the best gym in the world and enjoy the ride. I've competed in some pretty big meets, which is an absolute blast, but it's not what keeps me grinding day in and day out

So success for me is continual improvement. Reaching a point where I'm at least competitive with the top level benchers in the country. I've obviously got numbers I want to hit, but it's not ingrained in stone that those numbers are where I want to stop at. I'm just enjoying the ride of grinding and pushing on myself every day.

So I'm curious, what to you guys defines success?