Bodybuilding based programs can and will often increase strength deficits within performance anatomy. Single plane type of training, year after year inhibits real athleticism & disrupts neurological patterns since itís so contrary to the human movement model. Research in rehab has shown that lack of neuromuscular co-ordination results in faulty patterns of muscle recruitment. Single plane machine based and muscle based movements over time do not engage neuromuscular co-ordination. Bodybuilders eventually lose mobility and tri-planar strength and balance.
This creates huge imbalances in an already unbalanced physique in terms of muscle tissue to bodyweight ratios. This leads to non-functional muscle.They require restoring tri-planar range of motion, establishing core strength, and getting back some stability. So a needs state analysis can be a lot more in-depth than it first appears.

Bodybuilders and most that seek cosmetic enhancement are neglectful of training the strength curve in all elements. Years of the same exercises, sets, and rep schemes with only subtle variances is comfort zone training. The training and focus needs to be changed. The best thing for their training for the next few months is to focus on another element of training. Most of the time trainees will train for years pretty much the same way and expect a different result.

This is often the case with women seeking fat loss and a physical change. They are slaves to aerobic solutions of varying types. This is also a psychological dependency. Aerobic training will not sculpt a body and is inefficient as a fat loss tool. In general you will find most women need more resistance training, Most bodybuilders need more real conditioning and power/speed training . Almost all clients will need more training within the human movement model.