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Thread: Pre-contest supplement

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    Pre-contest supplement

    I am a big advocate for caffeine pre-workout, especially during contest prep. I usually have my clients either have 2 cups organic coffee or a caffeine pill. The problem with most pre-workout drinks is all the other crap the put in them and have the stuff is under dosed.

    Since Chris developed the Pre-Workout by At Large I have had my clients switch to that who don't like coffee and even the ones who do to try it and they love it. I'm a huge fan because its ingredients are basically what I was taking except I had to buy all the powders individually. This stuff tastes great and has the exact doses I would recommend (you do need to start with half a dose to assess your tolerance for caffeine since it does have 300mg per serving).

    Glad I am sponsored by a high quality no bullshit supplement company.

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    This is what I love about AtLarge. If they can't put the proper dosage in the bottle and still make money they don't make it.

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    A "Prison-Origin" pre-workout called Hyphy Mud that I was told about, haha:
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