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Thread: Diet related DOMS?

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    Diet related DOMS?

    I've been using ETS for as long as it's been out. I've rarely had DOMS with the exception of switching things up (Routine wise), but even then it's been quite minimal. I am at the masseuse 2 days a week when I can.

    This week, however, it's as though I were a first time gym member and not using ETS. I was in the gym Monday and I woke up Tuesday feeling sore all over. I'm not sure why. I needed a painkiller to get through the day. Wednesday I was up and feeling normal. Did my workout then today it was the same. I needed extra-strength ibuprofen to feel normal.

    My routine hasn't changed. My diet is something I'm playing around with. Because of my blood sugar issues, I eat most of my carbs pre and post workout. I have a glucose monitor with me at all times. Yesterday, pre-workout I was at 93. This isn't could be considered somewhat low. I had 2 scoops Nitrean + and a 400 calorie, 40 Carb nutrition bar (Made in Japan) pre-workout about 1.5 hours before. I don't know why my BG was low, but it was. I trained with 1/2 liter water, 1/2 liter sports drink, 1 scoop BCAA + throughout my workout. When I got home, I was about the same as far as BG levels.

    I had chicken, brown rice, veggies when I got home. Cottage cheese and almonds before bed. Woke up with a blood sugar of 120 (Normal, dawn-syndrome)...but sore as hell.

    Any ideas? I don't think it's the routine (Full-body 3x a week). Any ideas as to what I should look at would be grateful!
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