I've been using ETS for as long as it's been out. I've rarely had DOMS with the exception of switching things up (Routine wise), but even then it's been quite minimal. I am at the masseuse 2 days a week when I can.

This week, however, it's as though I were a first time gym member and not using ETS. I was in the gym Monday and I woke up Tuesday feeling sore all over. I'm not sure why. I needed a painkiller to get through the day. Wednesday I was up and feeling normal. Did my workout then today it was the same. I needed extra-strength ibuprofen to feel normal.

My routine hasn't changed. My diet is something I'm playing around with. Because of my blood sugar issues, I eat most of my carbs pre and post workout. I have a glucose monitor with me at all times. Yesterday, pre-workout I was at 93. This isn't high...it could be considered somewhat low. I had 2 scoops Nitrean + and a 400 calorie, 40 Carb nutrition bar (Made in Japan) pre-workout about 1.5 hours before. I don't know why my BG was low, but it was. I trained with 1/2 liter water, 1/2 liter sports drink, 1 scoop BCAA + throughout my workout. When I got home, I was about the same as far as BG levels.

I had chicken, brown rice, veggies when I got home. Cottage cheese and almonds before bed. Woke up with a blood sugar of 120 (Normal, dawn-syndrome)...but sore as hell.

Any ideas? I don't think it's the routine (Full-body 3x a week). Any ideas as to what I should look at would be grateful!