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Pre Bicep tear bench PR
This was just a few days before the tear. I had completely forgotten about it. I'll be back at it soon enough!!

First heavy pulls post surgery.
585 was where I had initially planned to stop as the bands were only taking 100 out of the bottom and nothing the last 2-3" but I felt no pain and the weight was moving so easily that I decided on one last jump.
675 Surprisingly this set felt fine and blasted up with ease. As I sat and considered jumping to 765 with Jeff I came to 2 conclusions.
1. I had already gone 90# past plan for the day.
2. Though my body felt great I had that feeling that said "This might not be a good idea". Which is the one I typically ignore when I've "proven" a stupid idea in the past.
So naturally I decided to hang it up for the day. Besides I've never felt this strong this early in a training cycle so I certainly have no complaints.