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Thread: Finally, 600 raw at 275

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    Finally, 600 raw at 275

    Yep, I basically backed down a couple of weeks from my last meet on 6/23 and came back after the elusive 600 at 275. I found a contest only a little over an hour away and came up with a new game plan. I'll be addressing this and lots of other stuff regarding this long journey in my log. I don't want to bore anyone more than I have to.

    So I arrived to the meet feeling very well. Anyway, I knew the meet would run quickly on Sunday for a number of reasons. First, it was being held by Gene and Ame of the RPS. Even though they had around 120 competitors, Sunday was more of an over flow meet. Saturday filled up so quickly, they basically added another meet for Sunday. On top of all that, it was being held at a crossfit and most of the lifters were going raw. I was among my peeps

    Warm ups went great. I was really dialing in my form. When I got to 500 my upper back started tightening up. At that point it was all or nothing, so I just stretched and dealt with it.

    I basically take my last warm up on the platform. The 545 felt good, but I felt some butterflies. I still get nervous when I lift. On to my second attempt I took 600. I felt really confident that I got it, so I was disappointed when I did not get a rack command. I was upset, but I have learned the hard way that what you feel and what actually happened are not always the same. I trust Gene, Dan, and Carl's judging as they are not just some guys picked out of the crowd. After seeing the vid today, the right call was made. I shot the weight up great, but that left arm where my bicep was repaired unlocked and wavered.

    So I leave the platform and toss my wraps and belt over where I was sitting with my mouth shut. I'd say on my scale of temper tantrums that was about a one. Anyone who knows me, knows I can throw down an awesome temper tantrum. After walking away I came back and regrouped. There was a third attempt left on the platform.

    I did some mental coaching and gave myself some positive affirmations. When I got up there for the third I was a little spent, but that may have helped. I took the weight with good control. Shot it up on the press call, but not all the way to the top. So I had to squeeze out the last bit. Man, I was drained. I don't think I have ever been so happy to hear a rack command.

    Again, it was a really well run meet. I saw lots of old friends and a ton on new people getting bit by the pl bug. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention mine was not the heaviest raw bench of the day. Big 440 lb Pedro Mejias benched a 620. It's not often you see a 600 raw bench at a meet and this one had two. It was really cool.

    By the way, a team around you makes a difference. Brian and Josh made the trip along with my liftoff guy Karsten. They were able to hold me together and give me coaching and encouragement when I could have easily thrown in the towel. It really pays to train with a great crew. Thanks guys.

    Thanks to Jess for putting up with me. I think she might even be happier than I am to get this monkey off my back. Thanks to Chris Mason who has always been very good to me. Josh Bryant for the coaching. Dave Tate and the rest of the gang from team EliteFTS.

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