I thought there was a HCT-12 sticky around here but I didn't find it. I've read the different articles associated with the program and downloaded the template. About me: I'm 19, around 185 lbs. right now, and 6'2". I haven't done a proper routine in a long time but I am active. Here are my questions.

1. My goals for starting this program would be size, but also to maintain or get better at the big 3 compound movements. Would you recommend this program over WS4SB/Starting Strength and, if so, should I start off with the compound movements first and do chin-ups second or third? I read from the program that the order is preference, but would it be worth prioritizing them according to my secondary goals?

2. Also, would you recommend stretching out the working sets, i.e. doing 5 sets of 6 before my final working set of 6 plus the individual repetitions, or would you recommend going presumably heavier and doing less sets? I don't think I want to do 6 sets of 6 on chin-ups, but I might warm up to a working set on them.

3. I noticed that the program includes calves and heavy ab work. Am I supposed to go just as heavy on these? It will be more difficult to add the appropriate amount of weight to abs, but I do want to follow the routine to the 'T'.

4. Will I get all of the shoulder work necessary? Normally I'm used to doing side and front laterals, or some sort of overhead work and arnold presses. I do some shoulder work regardless to keep my shoulders healthy.

I'm not prioritized with bodybuilding and as such I normally get my bicep work from pull-ups and not curls. But shoulders is an area I really don't want to neglect and would appreciate some added size.

Lastly, I'm pretty active without lifting, so I'm looking at doing the 3 days a week template. All help is appreciated and I'm going to stick with whatever you guys recommend. Thanks guys.