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Thread: deadlift form question

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    deadlift form question

    i just started doing deadlifts and have looked at countless youtube vids and the others in the gym and have noticed two things,

    some, if not most will use their lower back much more than their legs. so they start with legs slightly bent, back straight but on an angle, head high and then when they lift, they straighten their legs almost before lifting with the lower back.

    a few videos have shown another form, one where the legs are bent much more, your quads are nearly parallel with the floor, back is straight but on a angle, and then most of the lifting occurs in the legs with a little bit with the lower back when near the top of the lift.

    both forms have feet shoulder width apart.

    i hope you were able to follow the description?
    so my questions is, are they both correct? which works what more?
    as a beginner of deadlifts i'm leaning more towards the second description but all advice is most welcome....

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    You have to choose the style which best suits your personal anatomy and physiology. With that said, a LOT of those who use the first form you note are placing their lower backs in a very dangerous position and allow it to round. Your lower back should NEVER round.

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    Would this be something along the lines of 'right form'?

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    There are different variations of the deadlift and they are used for different purposes. The original deadlift utilizes your back, hips, and very little legs(if your main goal is development, if its just max weight then your legs will come into play a bit more) to lift the weight. In this one your back is at a slight angle when you start with hips back and shoulders over the bar. You always lead with your head and chest and never let your butt/hips come up first, as Chris said this is very dangerous for your low back.

    The second common variation is a Romanian or stiff-legged deadlift where you are emphasizing your hamstrings. In this one you have a slight bend in the knees and as you bend over you push your hips/butt straight back and don't let it go down. Depending on your flexibility you go down roughly to where your upper back is parallel to the ground going for a stretch feeling in your hamstrings. Make sure to keep back flat.

    There is also sumo deadlifts.

    Here is a video of a regular deadlift and stiff legged deadlift

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    thanks for the video examples everyone!

    this video here was my second explanation -->

    but it seems that more emphasis is put on bending and using the legs, whereas the other videos use less legs and more lower back.

    what do you think of the video example i included and is one the right way while the other is not?

    still a bit confused

    oh, and my goal is to do the deadlift that will promote the most overall growth.
    i don't care about adding a million plates just to look cool.
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    H - 185cm (6'1") W - 85 kg (188 lbs) Age - 38

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    Overall, Rippetoe teaches the basics well. I think some would say he has people start too far over the bar.

    The 2nd video you provided has some OK cues for the deadlift but the model is doing a lot of stuff wrong--arms almost bent/loose. Rolls the bar around his knee on the eccentric/negative portion of the movement. Neck maybe too extended at the start.

    I like that the video wants a neutral spine and haves you drive through the heels. But, I don't like that he says suck in the abs. That doesn't work, you need to press your gut out to put get torso stability.

    You should start practicing with what is light for you and then post some vids so the big guys here can tell you what to do.

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