i just started doing deadlifts and have looked at countless youtube vids and the others in the gym and have noticed two things,

some, if not most will use their lower back much more than their legs. so they start with legs slightly bent, back straight but on an angle, head high and then when they lift, they straighten their legs almost before lifting with the lower back.

a few videos have shown another form, one where the legs are bent much more, your quads are nearly parallel with the floor, back is straight but on a angle, and then most of the lifting occurs in the legs with a little bit with the lower back when near the top of the lift.

both forms have feet shoulder width apart.

i hope you were able to follow the description?
so my questions is, are they both correct? which works what more?
as a beginner of deadlifts i'm leaning more towards the second description but all advice is most welcome....