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Thread: Food allergy?

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    Food allergy?

    The various neurotransmitters of the body responsible for a sense of well-being and for anxiety are placed all through the digestive tract as much as they are the brain. This is fact.

    The release of stress hormones is known to be cosmetically unfriendly. Many know that if you are stressed you start to hold water, become bloated, maybe gassy, crampy – either constipated or just the opposite. And most of you know that stress and worry can induce these physiological responses. It is no coincidence that these same general symptoms are common among all the various “food” related digestive disorders and allergies and intolerances that the modern civilized world has manufactured for you – so now you can have something else to “worry” about, food itself and of course a marketed solution to solve it for you. (Paleo, Gluten free, low carb, etc…)
    It’s ironic that most of these disorders are unheard of in Europe in the areas where people still live traditional lives where their mindsets toward food is of enjoyment, not fear and stress.

    The tension you have been led to internalize about eating right foods vs. wrong foods is as much a contributor to any food allergy illness aversion you ‘think’ you have over anything you are actually eating.

    When I say this, people love to get all offended and defend their victim status. They love being victims of food and digestive ailments. Even “Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease” estimates that over 90% of people with these various food issues digestive disorders actually do NOT have them. But they love to think they do. And this is pretty much a North American phenomenon.

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    Allen, I think a lot of people suffer from Hypochlorhydria and don't even realize it.

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    That is a great post Allen.

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    There are many ailments out there and yes there some people that do have them but at the same time the "amount" of people that actually have them are a lot smaller than we are lead to believe. This is due to the marketing strategies of all these "diets" because they will throw it out there like it is a common issue and eating certain foods is the cause so you should eat what "their diet" consists of. The marketing teams don't tell people that eating all this processed and refined sugar, hydrogenated oils, etc...are the true causes and a simple way to get your body back to normal is to reduce the stress you put on yourself wondering if I eat this food I will have a disease and stick to unprocessed food.

    But that's not how this industry works, that are trying to make money so they complicate things even further and people tend to believe the more complicated something is the better it is for you. Same with Hypochlorhydria, as we age the acid we produce in our stomach reduces naturally, that's part of the aging process. Just like lower test levels, decrease in metabolic rate, etc.. The body always down-regulates to an extent with time. And hypochlorhydria is usually associated with other degenerative conditions. Does it exost in some people, absolutely, but blowing it out of proportion is what this industry tends to do for profit reasons.

    I could list tons of other ailments that people could possibly have and a lot of people would play that victim status and jump on the "bandwagon" so to speak saying this is why I have this problem and that problem and not take responsibility for taking care of themselves.

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