Carbs(starches, dark fruits,grains such as oatmeal...) are not your enemy!! Paleo, Atkins, and many others take research completely out of context in order to sell products. And healthy eating does not mean “low carb eating.” It simply means avoiding eating an abundance of processed and refined foods, as well as avoiding overeating.

The truth is calories control and a relative caloric deficit, combined with regular exercise, is the best way of guarding against insulin resistance. It has little or nothing to do with low carbs diets. Then why all the hype about low-carb diets and insulin resistance? The buzz is all about the agenda of the fitness and diet industry combined with the increasing numbers of insulin resistance in the general population. However these numbers are skewed. Most people who develop insulin resistance have a long history of overeating and overeating highly processed and refined carbohydrates and fats at that. If you exercise regularly and eat healthy then you are not likely insulin-resistant, you only think you are!

For someone eating a whole foods diet with no processed foods, carbohydrates will not be a problem. In fact, in the context of a whole foods, unprocessed diet intake, carbohydrates are the way to go; they’re better for performance, better in terms of the likelihood of long-term diet compliance, and better for a general sense of mental and emotional well-being.

Insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia are mostly associated in real life with diets that are considered diets of modern western culture. This means diets that are mostly composed of unhealthy fats, processed, refined carbs and commercial foods. If that description fits you then you need a new diet strategy. If it does not fit the way you eat, then stop letting diet and fitness industry fear tactics affect your thinking.
Insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia do not cause weight gain or a tendency to be overweight. Insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia are the results of being overweight! Let’s get this science right side up, and stop selling diet agendas to perfectly healthy people. If you eat well and exercise then most likely… you are not carb-resistant!