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Thread: Your training split

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    South Carolina

    Your training split

    What does your weekly training look like?
    Train Hardcore

    Best Lifts(SQ/BP/DL)
    625/450/500 multi-ply
    520/405/500 single-ply
    405/315/475 raw

    Training log

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    Oct 2009
    Tues squat/dl
    Wed abs
    Thur bench
    Sat assistance
    Best raw meet lifts
    Squat:765 with wraps. / 700 raw with out wraps
    Bench: 525
    Deadlift: 755
    Total: Raw with wraps: 2000. with out wraps: 1925

    Best lifts Equipped
    1050, 840, 715. Total: 2605

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    Palmyra, PA
    3 days per week. Rotate the big 4 each day.

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    Just get under the bar!

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    Monday: Heavy Bench/Tris
    Tuesday: Back Squat/Biceps
    Thursday: Shoulders/Incline Bench/Tris
    Friday: Deadlift/Back/Biceps
    Saturday: Front Squat/Hams/Calves/Abs
    Best lifts: 615/475/660, Raw w/ Wraps

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    May 2009
    Mon-ME Bench
    Tues-Cardio Abs
    Weds-ME SQ DL
    Thurs-DE Bench
    Fri-Cardio Abs
    Sat-DE SQ DL

    5'`9.5" 238
    Comp Lifts
    2ply Squat 550 10/17/09 Bench 470 10/17/09 DL 480 10/17/09
    Raw Squat 550 10/26/2013 Bench 425 5/14/11 DL 530 10/26/2013

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    1. Upper push/pull + arms
    2. Off
    3. Squat, calves, abs
    4. Off
    5. Upper push/pull + arms
    6. Off
    7. Front Squat, deadlift, abs
    8. Off

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    Apr 2007
    ME lower
    ME upper
    de lower
    de upper
    My Journal
    Quote Originally Posted by Athos View Post
    you're an intelligent guy... but you're also half #$%&ing crazy... and that my friend is the formula for a great powerlifter.
    23 Years old
    5'10 198'er
    Squat-565(wraps) 560(Raw)
    Front Squat-465x1 (wraps) 405x2 (raw)
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    Monday: DE Bench
    Tuesday: Back and Biceps
    Wednesday: Unilateral leg exercise and abs
    Thursday: Off
    Friday: ME Bench
    Saturday: Back and Biceps
    Sunday: Unilateral leg exercise and abs

    Supplements I currently take: Nitrean , BCAA , Creatine 500 , Multi-Plus , Fish Oil

    My Training Log , My Youtube Videos

    "The weak will never understand" - Vincent Dizenzo

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    Feb 2001
    Monday- ME deadlifts, 2-3 mile fast run
    Tuesday- 15-20 mile fast ride
    Wednesday- ME bench and upper, 2-3 mile fast run
    Thursday- ME/DE squats, 10-12 mile short ride
    Friday- off
    Saturday- 100-120 mile ride
    Sunday- DE bench and upper, 10-12 mile ride and 3-4 mile slow run
    "Except Belial. He knows everything. This isn't a sarcastic attack, either. He really knows everything." -----Organichu
    "Alex is all knowing and perfect"-----Jane (loosely paraphrased)
    -515/745/700 bench/deadlift/squat
    Current mile time: 4:23
    Marathons: 3
    Century races: 3
    Ironmans: 1
    Ultramarathons: 1
    Current supps:

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    Senior Member Jonathan E's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Mon: ME lower
    Tues: Dynamic upper
    Wed: Off
    Thus: Dynamic lower
    Fri: ME upper

    A bunch of football related running mixed within there...
    Bench: 350
    Squat: 475
    Dead: 500

    "All people dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous ones, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible."

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    Sep 2012
    mon: ME SQ/ DL
    tue: DE Bench
    thur: DE SQ + DL
    fri: ME Bench
    last meet, GPC, Irish Open: 03/11/2012
    @ 82.5kg/ 181 junior raw
    S: 192.5kg/424
    B: 130 kg/286
    D: 225kg/495
    best gym lifts:
    S: 182.5kg/400
    B: 135 kg/300
    D: 220 kg/485

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    South Carolina
    I had been doing

    Mon- SQ/DL
    Wed- ME Bench
    Thu- Back
    Sat- DE Bench/Arms

    But I am thinking about putting deads on a different day to focus on it better. If I do my split will look the same except deads will be on my back day

    Mon- Squats(legs, abs)
    Wed- ME Bench(chest, delts, abs)
    Thu- Deadlifts(Back, traps/neck, abs)
    Sat- DE Bench/Arms, abs
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    Train Hardcore

    Best Lifts(SQ/BP/DL)
    625/450/500 multi-ply
    520/405/500 single-ply
    405/315/475 raw

    Training log

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    Nov 2010
    Saturday - ME Lower
    Sunday - ME Upper

    Wednesday - DE Lower
    Thurday - DE Upper

    If i am traveling for work and cant do the wednesday/thursday DE work due to gym options, do more RE work and might do more days/shorter workouts.

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