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Thread: Bulking with High metabolism

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    Bulking with High metabolism

    Okay so first my weight in the mornings no clothing is 150-152 depending on food intake. I lift heavy in the gym 4 times a week (squats, dead lifts, bench, etc. the whole course). I eat 3 meals a day and snack a little as well. I also take Platinum Hydro-Builder (1 and half-2 scoops) per shake one post work out a day. For pre-work out I take C4 2 scoops. My problem is gaining, I have a very little fat percentage all around mostly upper body of course. It's obvious I am not intaking enough food because i'm not gaining. Can anyone suggests supplements, snacks, and meals? I have high metabolism and I am pretty active throughout the day. My goal weight is 170.
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