I just missed out on a protein bar study at the local University.
It was a 42 week study 3 bars a day 4 days a week. The bars are made by MET - RX and are not even on the market yet (Met-Rx anabolic drive series 34grams protein/13 grams of carbs/ 8 grams of fat). They gave me a bunch of bars to try anyway , they say the bars will be about $6 a piece when they hit the market. It sure does bum me out that I missed out on the study. They also had a machine that determined your total bone density ratio, muscle density ratio and fat density ratio I forget what they called it but it looked something like a MRI.
They were doing a couple of other studies as well the place looked like a GNC warehouse wall to wall C-Tec, hydroxycut, protein powder,soy powder etc. Of course I didn't qualify for any of the other studies either Dam! But they did say to keep in touch there will be more studies coming in the fall.