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Thread: Why?

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    Why do you train? What are you goals?

    For Example:
    One of my goals in to make a living out of helping people reach there fitness goals. I train because I love body building and feeling of self improvement for the mind as well as the body.

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    This thread title made me think of Nancy Kerrigan screaming "why?" after that goon busted up her knee.

    As for answers, I have enjoyed lifting weights since the age of 13 when I started. It allows for a period of separation from everything else and teaches lessons which can be applied all the time. For the most part what one puts into it, they get out of it. My goal right now is a 1500 lb total at my next meet. Bodybuilding wise, I don't have any goals, but always like to drop inches around the waist. I had to buy freaking medium swim trunks recently, which is unheard of. Haven't lost much weight either.

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    What else is there to do after work.

    It's fun and it's cheap. Hard to find that combo in any other hobby.

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    I'm pretty lean, I train mostly for endurance.

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    I train to be as healthy as I can be.
    Short term, I'd like to get my deadlift/squat form perfected. I'd like to be able to do a complete set of chins with being assisted.
    Long term, I'd like to be close to 10 percent bf, or as close as my body will let me.
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    To make a long, poetic speech short: To make myself a better person.
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    Because I have always had a self-image that I am constantly going after. It's not an obsession, just an ideal build that I see myself having. Plus, ive gone in the opposite direction and have been fat, lazy, and doing the wrong things and have found that not only is it not productive, but it just doesn't fit my personality. - Comprehensive pre workout reviews
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