People like to play down how important food is in their life. If I asked you to make a list of 10 things that really matter to you in your life, I doubt food or diet would make the list, but if you are truly being honest with yourself and listed how many times per day you think or worry about it then food/diet would be near the top of that list and for all the wrong reasons.

The French adore and enjoy food, but simply do not obsess over it. And even though they eat a whole lot more “indulgent” food, and smoke far more on a person to person basis, they are in fact far healthier than their North American counterparts. But the fact of the matter is that the way most of you think about diet and nutrition is what is causing the most trouble for you with your diet and nutrition.

It’s like most people want to be sick. They want to be food restricted. This is what they tell themselves. So, when they can find something with completely general and vague symptoms they latch on to it. “I’m gluten intolerant” or “I’m dairy-sensitive”. Most people consider themselves both or consider other food-sensitivities as well. Don’t you know that sweetener you are using causes cancer? And on it goes…

People just don’t get it, but the nutrition and diet industry get it just fine. They want you to be afraid of food. They want you to depend on them for your information for what is ok to eat. But our obsession with Body Image and nutrition, combined with food is a marketer’s paradise. Once you are told you can’t eat a certain thing, that is exactly when “want” kicks in and you can’t seem to go without it. But if you stand back and consider the absurdity of it all does it make any sense?

So, you have gluten-free pasta, gluten-free bread, flour-free bread, cocoa-free chocolate, sugar-free chocolate, dairy-free ice-cream, fat-free ice-cream, sugar-free ice-cream, caffeine-free coffee, sugar-free cookies and candies, fat-free everything, and even meat-free hot dogs and hamburgers.

Don’t get get me started on low carb and low-sodium everything. Can you not see how ridiculous and contradictory it all is?