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Thread: Deadlift starting position question.

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    Deadlift starting position question.

    I've typically always pulled with a bit of a rounded back and despite my best efforts I have yet to rectify this issue. Tearing weight off the floor has never been an issue but I have a hard time locking out due to my shitty starting position. After some review I have discovered that I have a short femur and a long torso which makes it hard to sit back and flatten my back. Here is an example of my current set up.

    After talking to a buddy of mine I have decided that widening my grip even more is a must at bear minimum. Which leaves me with 2 foot placement options
    1. I pull with a wider stance a bit like a strongman setup shown here

    2. I could pull with an ultra narrow stance allowing me to push my knees out and get my hips closer to the bar thus keeping me from leaning so far over the bar and hopefully allowing me to flatten my back as shown here.

    I'm pretty sure I will end up going with a narrow stance but will be testing out both to see which puts me in a better position.

    If anybody has any feedback or suggestions it is greatly appreciated!

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