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Thread: Creatine and infections

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    Creatine and infections

    I recently (All my fault) had a bad infection in my leg. Was at the hospital everyday for 10 days, IV antibiotics. The first days were the hardest, bad fever, no appetite, hot weather and no air-conditioner.

    Doctor said "Eat whatever you can, just get something in you." I asked about Nitrean etc. She said if that's what I can keep down, go for it. So that's what I did, with ice and a little ice-cream.

    I was completely focused on staying hydrated (water/sports drink/BCAA +) and getting enough calories in to fight the infection. Since I was in bed with my leg up, red and swollen, I didn't think I needed that many calories. I took my multi-vit and fish oil to keep as healthy as possible through the process (I'm out of multi-vit, looking forward to ALN's new version). I didn't take any ETS or creatine, mainly because I didn't think I needed it (Someone say if I'm wrong).

    That said, I was wondering if avoiding creatine while fighting an infection is a good idea or if it makes no real difference? What about the the magnesium and zinc in ETS, I read (But can't remember when or where) that this may enable the bacteria to possibly 'hide'?

    Doctor had no answers, she was just happy the infection didn't last as long as she thought it would. She suggested I contact ALN...I thought she would know a little more. Any insight would be great. I hope this never happens again. 2 weeks later, I'm given the OK to get back to the gym.
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    Hard to say how your body would react to those substances, but being that they are all natural and can be consumed via regular food, I don't see how it could cause you any issues. I personally only use creatine on training days and don't see a need to constantly take it every day religiously. As far as bacteria hiding? Never heard of such a thing. If you are taking antibiotics then that's all you need. Focus on getting over the infection, weight training can wait, its not going anywhere. - Comprehensive pre workout reviews
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    Take glycine and glutamine to elevate the immune system and speed recovery. These two amino acids are the building blocks of glutathione, which is commonly used to measure the strength of immunity. Glutathione is a “sticky molecule” that is produced inside the body and detoxifies everything from heavy metals to benzene to BPA to bacterial pathogens.

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