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Thread: Nutrition Certification

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    Nutrition Certification

    My wife does a great job getting lean when she wants to. Her 6 pack is crazy right now. However, she has only been able to do this when working with a nutritionist. Of course she has picked up a few things while working with them, but she really wants to learn for herself. She is a teacher and a type a personality so just studying/learning without some kind of certification leaves her unsatisfied.

    Can anyone recommend any kind of nutrition program/certification? Again, she will not be interested in anything that does not require some kind of test so please don't recommend just reading a book or the internet. Thanks.

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    Have you considered just helping her without a certificate? There are a few nutritionist programs out there but really just paper to be honest.

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    The guys on this site with degrees in biochem talk about how dieticians are learning biochem that is 15 years old.

    So if the dieticians are 15 years behind modern science and they actually have a degree how sad are most of the certs you can earn through correspondence.

    I have an RNC and I had to memorize incorrect answers to test questions to pass.

    Eating frequently accelerates metabolism was a true false answer on my test. The answer considered correct was true. Anyone who can read and has looked at the clinical data can tell you that is false.

    So most of these certs don't lead to knowledge. They lead to certification.

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    Unfortunately there are no real certifications out there that will actually teach you how to properly diet, its mostly about making money for any certification. If I had to rely on a certification to learn what I have I would be very unsuccessful. Learning to read your body's bio-feedback is huge when it comes to nutrition. Not just going by numbers and quantifying everything. Internal cues are more important.

    She would better off hiring a real "coach" and learn from them. That's what's wrong with this industry a lot of so called coaches don't teach along the way. I want my clients knowing and understanding why they are doing something.

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