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Thread: Going out to eat?

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    Going out to eat?

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry in advance for long post! Hopefully you have time to read

    Quick background...I was 220lbs of big bulky sloppyness, as some would say "jacked", but I felt more so bloated. Anyways, I decided one day to cut, and now I'm at the leanest I've ever been at 155lbs. I probably should have stopped around 170-175lbs, but it was too easy and kept going down. I'm now the most cut, vascular, and best looking I've ever been. I'm currently maintaining/slowly cutting (a drop below maintenance). I'm heading to VEGAS for a friends batchelor party on Sep 27th, coincidentally the same weekend as OLYMPIA?

    Anyways, my whole diet approach is macros and calories. Pretty much the IIFYM approach if you are familiar. I eat mainly "clean" for health purposes, but throw in some random food items all the time. It's almost a fun game to hit my numbers by the end of the day. Each meal, or at least my last meal is determined by the previous, it's like a big puzzle game everyday. Sometimes a big breakfast, sometimes a small one, etc.

    Right now I'm 155lbs and doing 1,800 cal around 70-80g fat day and 150-200g protein and the rest from carbs. The carbs are usually in the 75-125g range, and I eat a lot of high fiber foods such as nuts, guacamole, kashi waffles, oatmeal, oat bran, quest bars, fiber one cereal (chocolate), and pumpkin seeds.

    I follow everything perfect, and usually Friday night I'll go to happy hour with friends (usually 2-4 drinks depending on the night) and a solid dinner out (where I don't count it).

    Just recently, I've been invited to a lot of work based lunches during the week (once a week or so), and it seems to throw me off mentally. I have no idea what to order, how many calories it is, and how to base all my other meals. On a day when I know what I'm eating, I can play the puzzle game and make it all fit. I could eat McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts if I wanted to, as I know the calorie breakdown of everything.

    My mom usually invites me to Breakfast on Sunday, and it's almost like I want to decline the invitiation (I know it's silly to even think that), but it kind of leads me blind the entire rest of the day. No idea what to order, how much it is cal wise, protein, or anything to that extent.

    How do you guys handle this? Usually my Friday night meal is just whatever as I don't really care, but what about a bunch of other meals out during the week...It never seemed to be an issue until recently, as I always just marked off my 1-2 meals out a week and didn't think much about them.

    For example this week:

    Tomorrow lunch meeting
    Thursday night friend is in town and whats to meet for dinner
    Friday - usual happy hour/going out with friends *my typical whatever night*
    Sunday - mom wants to meet for breakfast

    Today spot on perfect 1,800 cal and all my macros reached by end of day...Those days above, I will struggle mentally to have any idea where I'm at, and I don't like that feeling...

    Additionally, when maintaining a lean body condition, what are the rules? Cheat more? Cheat less? Cheat at all? I would think at maintenance any cheats, would be a slow weight gain over time? You are taking in just enough to maintain, so anything over would be weight gained? Are higher calorie days beneficial? As I said I'm just under maintenance so I'm pretty much maintaining/slowly slowly cutting a few final pounds.

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    -Look at menu.
    -Find something you like that isn't too extreme.
    -Order it, rough ballpark cals, eat it.
    -Finish out rest of day as normal.

    Don't worry about making progress for that day, simply don't treat it as day that's going to set you back. If you're meal out replaces one that you'd normally have with a few hundred extra calories it is not going to amount to anything unless you're stupid the rest of the day.
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