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Thread: Bulking with High metabolism

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    Bulking with High metabolism

    Okay so first my weight in the mornings no clothing is 150-152 depending on food intake. I lift heavy in the gym 4 times a week (squats, dead lifts, bench, etc. the whole course). I eat 3 meals a day and snack a little as well. I also take Platinum Hydro-Builder (1 and half-2 scoops) per shake one post work out a day. For pre-work out I take C4 2 scoops. My problem is gaining, I have a very little fat percentage all around mostly upper body of course. It's obvious I am not intaking enough food because i'm not gaining. Can anyone suggests supplements, snacks, and meals? I have high metabolism and I am pretty active throughout the day. My goal weight is 170.
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    Don't stress on the high metabolism. Focus on the meals and snacks, not the supplements. Some random things that have worked for me:

    Adding a couple spoons of olive oil to pretty much everything
    Various nuts
    Make sandwiches, deck them out with condiments and meat
    Steak...and some more steak
    A Bako Shake (forum search it)

    Make sure your training is in line and just kick some ass. The rest will come with HARD WORK.
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    Approx how many calories are you consuming in one day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alinshop View Post
    Approx how many calories are you consuming in one day?
    Figure this out and then increase it consistently each and every day.
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    If you do increase you calories, I would try to my hardest to make sure they come from quality foods.

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    Add 2 tablespoons of peanutbutter and a glass of milk to each meal. You shouldnt have an issue gaining almost a pound a week. Most fat gains on bulks are a result of 1) your training program 2) your genetic dispositions 3) how many Calories you're consuming above your maintenance. Another harsh reality is you may not be able to eat enough Calories from so called "clean" foods unless you can make it a full time job.
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