I'm looking at picking up some sleeves I can wear in training as well as raw competition.

Supposedly people get a little bit out of them. I have read about this here before but can't find a specific topic on it.

Anderson powerlifting has some what appear to be new sbd sleeves, as well as their what appear to be shorter older version. Both are 7 mm thickness.

Rehband makes a nice pair but are 5 mm thickness.

I always am price conscience, andersons are 60 and 90 a pair, and rehbands are about 40 each.

But the question is, is there anything better about the sbd or rehbands over the basic anderson ones? And will I have any benefit to my squat using the more expensive option? Since we are talking 30 dollars difference to use whatever gives a bigger advantage obviously 30 bucks doesn't mean much, but is longer simply better? or is 7 mm better than 5 mm? I just don't know what translates into "better." I could understand comfort and feel as well as performance would be nice, but without owning all how would you know this. So I am open to opinions, preferably unbiased but understand some are sponsored here. thanks