Extraordinary expectations, require extraordinary efforts
Extraordinary goals require extraordinary commitment and discipline
Extraordinary achievements require extraordinary sacrifices

Anything less than both sides of the above equations is just wishful dreaming.
The same applies to the “process” of goal attainment. Every year I always have some bodybuilder, athletes, and regular clients chomping at the bit to get dieting and get in better shape. Then once they are in the middle of it all, it’s a constant whine and complain show to everyone around them. Suck it up already! You choose to do this. If you are going to compete, compete like a champion, not a whining little child. Too many physique competitors forget the enjoyment of the whole process, and the challenge of it. Instead they make it all about winning or losing. That’s a loser mentality from the get go.

Get ready with the spirit and intent of a champion, or stick your thumb in your mouth so at least none of us have to listen to it. What’s my point? My point is its really easy to be excited about any project before you undertake it. That’s a no brainer. Being excited BEFORE you take on a challenge is easy, staying excited and inspired in the throws of the challenge is the stuff self-respect and champions are made of regardless if you get a trophy or not