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Thread: weight cutting water trick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbaccio View Post
    Right, but you knew what you were doing. Sound like Andy kind of winged it and no carbs + winging it = bad news.

    it does sound that way. Andy if your adventure is like mine you only have 7 or 8 or so terrible messed up cuts before you get it right :P
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    I'm too lazy and old for that. Next time I'm just not cutting! I distinctly hated the feeling of going to a meet and feeling like a pile of jello.

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    My last meet I was sick, and did a 10 lb cut, I came in week as can be and slowly got better throughout the day as I started to feel more hydrated etc. I just wasn't able to absorb anything at all. I had been low carb for months prior too, so losing an extra 10 lbs on top of that was a chore. I think using it the week of could work, but where you went in low carb for a few weeks before, was likely hard on you, whereas these guys are setting their bodies to lose the weight last minute to reduce the negative impact.
    For me I am still needing to cut, and don't want to stop for my next meet, I should be down really close to my weight class come meet time, and hardly have to do any cutting, and if even that I should be able to get more carbs in, so it is cutting hard early on. Yes I won't be getting a whole lot stronger, but this cut has to come first.
    But I plan on avoiding this hard cuts right before a meet, I'm not on a level I need to be doing so, heavier weight class, really isn't a big deal right now. I get where you are coming from, and I know a lot of people who regularly cut a lot of weight for even just basic local meets, this thread and that article kind of got me thinking I won't be doing that. i know my first meet this year I went into it 21 lbs under the top of the weight class, 275, but I took everyone's advice for a first meet, and it was really nice going into it strong and full and the progress I made while eating really well was great.
    Gotta love the feeling of your first squat and feeling like you are going to fall over, not being completely coherent either, not able to tell if the weight is heavy yet you can barely stand straight. I blamed it on being sick, but know I did not replenish my body, and sounds like you experienced the same, not a fun thing.

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