There are too many unskilled people out there “appointing” themselves as coaches without any consideration of the true requirements of the role. Just because you may have won a physique contest or have an internet certification that this is somehow “qualification” for coaching others. It’s not even close. A real coach must live and be that role. It is not because his ego wants to dictate to people, but because he is called to help people. And there is a difference between these two perspectives. Below are some the main pre-requisites of the craft of coaching. The real Coach must be able to:

1) Act and live by the principles that they advocate

2)“Be” a role model, don’t act like one

3) Impose principled values

4) Be part of someone else’s solution, not detached, like some kind of boss.

5) Help someone establish reasonable and achievable performance/cosmetic goals.

6) Be truly concerned with long-term client-progress and growth, not just short term profits for yourself.

7) Provide useful and constructive feedback within the physical, mental, emotional realms.

8) Emphasize cooperation and interaction, not a one-way dictatorship

9) Keep the client engaged, and focusing on what they need to do and know

10) When being encouraging or critical, be fair and understood in both

11) Don’t use negative emotional tactics to try to coach someone. Treat others professionally in the ways you would expect to be treated if roles were reversed – act like an adult!

12) Realize that often what you are seeking from the client as a coach is insight, not just constant evaluation

13) Keep interaction real – personal methods of obtaining client-feedback will always yield deeper and more meaningful insights than some questionnaire-type approach. There is no substitute for real interaction