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Thread: Squat form for a good deadlifter?

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    Squat form for a good deadlifter?

    Hey guys, I'm 5'10'' ~185 (just cut from ~210), and really am having some squat issues.

    My dl is mid 6's (and i'm pretty confident I'll get 7 once I fix my form). I pull conventional with a rounded upper back and a high hip position.

    That being said, I've always squatted with a very upright torso, moderate bar position, moderate stance, sitting back hard, etc.... but recently it looks like lot of the better raw conventional deadlifters are squatting low bar in oly shoes. I tried it out last week and my max didn't change.

    So that being said, should I stick with the form that has been 'working', or should I switch it up? I would just take time and experiment with both, but I'm looking to do a meet in 2 months.


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    2 months is a good time to mess around a bit. Try it for a session and if it isn't working well, go with what is comfortable until after your meet. I changed squat stance 2 weeks before a meet and made a pr. Switched up DL stance a mont before and tied a pr, but felt much better about the lift this time around.

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