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Thread: Blood sugars, rise and fall: Pre-diabetes related

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    Blood sugars, rise and fall: Pre-diabetes related

    Alright, I'm pre-diabetic. I had a spike in h1ac last year for the first time ever, got it down and have kept it down. I can use Results and still keep my BG low. I have a monitor I use just in case (Although in Japan they only give you a monitor if you are on insulin and thanks to my American friends for sending me some cheaper ones).

    Anyways, I started Ben Pakulski's MI40 today. I just wanted to do something that would challenge me. The way he has you eat is basically how I've been eating, but with more carbs on off days. Pre-workout my BG is usually between 110 and 130. After I'm at 80 to 90. That's how it's been for a long time. I go home, I eat and all is good.

    Today, while the MI40 routine has you done in 40 minutes, for various reasons it took me almost an hour and 20 minutes. Post workout my BG was 175...really high. Never seen it go up that high. Still, I drank my 50 grams protien, went home and an hour later I measure again and was 75, which is low, for me. I was HUNGRY...I had my postworkout meal, chicken, brown rice, spinach and broccoli. 1 hour later I'm at 110 and feeling good.

    To be honest, I was feeling really good (Tired and sore in all the right places, and some places I never knew existed), feeling good going home, feeling good at a BG of 75...all the way through. Still, those are some big jumps. I was wondering if anyone here might guess as to why. I would imagine this would only be a real health concern if the elevated levels remained elevated for a long time. But I don't know why they dropped by almost 100 in just an hour.

    I have my BG under control so I only get checked every 6 months and it's always good news. I might go in early just to ask the doctor if he has an idea BUT I think he'll say that 'exercise is good, keep at it.' but I wonder if pushing it too hard can complicate things.

    I know there are no doctors, but I trust the people here for some advice (And it's just advice). Pre-meal is 2 hours before, protien/carbs just in case that's important.
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    I would drop all carbs before training, this is Bpak's philosophy as well. I know he has also stated that you must earn your carbs.
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    Training does increase insulin sensitivity, but that is a pretty large increase. I would switch to protein and fats before training and see what happens. You have to find what works best for your body. I have clients that do awesome with protein & fats prior, but I also have clients that doo much better with carbs pre-workout. There is no one best method, the best one is what works for you.

    I myself can do either unless its a longer leg session then I need carbs pre-workout. You can even also drink a fast acting carb + EAA's or hydrolyzed protein about 15-20 min into your workout and sip it all the way thru. many different approaches.

    If you are having a hard time with the short rest periods and higher volume of work on the MI40 that just means you need to improve your workload capacity. So initially you will have to take longer breaks and maybe even reduce volume slightly until you build it up.

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    Thanks guys.

    I think I mis-read part of the nutrition guide. Last protein/carb meal is 2 to 3 hours pre-workout. 30 minutes pre-workout is protein and veggies, that's the part I missed...but my BG is still slightly elevated.

    Today, same thing, monitored my BG after each exercises. Constantly went up. Highest was at 165. Started at 130. Even after my Results (About 30 minutes in) it stayed about the same. Then, right after, 50 grams of Nitrean, go home (takes an hour) and my BG is 85.

    Tomorrow I will be sure to add the pre-workout meal (30 minutes before) and see if that changes anything. Today was chest / upper body will not move. I can't believe how much weight I have to drop in order to the reps/sets. Insane...but hopefully the science behind it works.
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