I don't think I've done anything horrible to my knee, I just had some sharp pain somewhere in that region that went down to my ankle and a little up my hamstring while doing some pretty light leg presses.

Butt down, back straight, hands on the handles pushing my ass into the seat. During the negative, the pains would start. So I stopped, rested, tried again and the pain was there. I felt it in my ankle a little bit as well. So I stopped. I've done heavy leg presses but never had this issue.

I moved onto lunges and hand no problems. Calf raises (Seated and standing) and no problems. When I got home at one point I sat down and stood up and felt some pain. I tried to figure out where exactly it was coming from. Did some stretches, hopped on my leg but no pain. Any ideas? I wonder if I was buckling my knees as I was trying to create more tension on my quads during the negative of the press by pressing out. Hopefully I don't wake up with a swollen leg tomorrow.