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Thread: I got a treatment for my shoulder. How do I rehab?

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    I got a treatment for my shoulder. How do I rehab?

    I've had an injury of the left shoulder for months which got worse from me training on it.

    Went to see a doctor about 2 weeks ago, said the injury wasn't too severe and gave me some sort of injection, possibly cortisone but I didn't ask.

    I did a second sesh a week later and got another injection. The doctor said that I just have to keep icing it for a few days and it should get better.

    So now the shoulder is alot better, but still not 100%. Since my muscles there have been wasting away for 7 months I suppose that I need some form of rehab to bring it back to health.

    Currently, my left shoulder feels good with pain only coming when I reach fully overhead. I also have slightly less mobility in it than my right shoulder.

    Do I need to rehab this shoulder? What light excercises could I do to get it back into shape? I guess the best thing to do to work the shoulder would be HEAVY overhead press(I'm joking)

    Edit: I don't have any serious equipment to work with, just some light dumbells and some metallic thing which is meant to replicate a band(albeit with way more resistance).
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