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Thread: BCAA+ beside drink

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    BCAA+ beside drink

    I wake up once or twice a night to drink some water or diet coke depending on what my mouth craves. I decided to use BCAA+ with water/sports drink instead for the last week. I'm not sure if there's any benefit to doing this but it certainly tastes better than diet coke or water on it's own IMO.

    Any reason to do this, or NOT to do this?
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    Not likely beneficial. I'd save my money and use them around pre and peri workout where they'll likely most benefit and just stick to water at night unless you need calories (in which case eat some real food or do a protein shake).
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    Yes, sipping on a protein shake or water w/ lemon quenches my thirst at night. I always pre make a shake and throw it in the fridge before going to sleep.

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