I work out 3x a week in the morning at a CF gym. I have lost weight (240 to 207), gotten stronger, and lowered my ridiculous blood pressure, but after 5 months I find I am still not completing WODs as quickly as I think I should be. My diet is Paleo-influenced and fairly clean.

On WODs that involve heavier weights or that are less than 10 minutes I usually do pretty well but 15+ minute workouts usually mean I have one of the worst completion times.

Anyone have any ideas on getting my energy up (eat pre-workout? how much? timing? supplements?) and also just increasing my general conditioning?

Also this is unrelated but does anyone else only see one single thread here in the CF thread? I have to go down to the Thread Display section and set it to display all threads to be able to see any thread other than Paulo_Santos's "so you want to..." thread.