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Thread: Routine while cutting

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    Routine while cutting

    I have been doing a high volume routine recently to add mass and have been having great results. I am going to keep going for another 5-10 lbs but then want to start a slow cut so I can hopefully hold onto most if my gains. I assume that I should switch up my routine since I will not be putting on anymore mass while at a caloric deficit, would a 3x5 type setup with heavier weights be more optimal? How about trying to continue the time under tension approach?

    This is the first time I have really done a true mass building approach so I was sure how different my lifting should be when I cut in order to try and keep most of my gains. Any thoughts?

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    No need to change things, the best way to hold on to your size and strength is by sticking with what you built it with in the first place. You may have to lower the volume if you have issues with energy whilst training in a calorie deficit but thats it.
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