One of the most common things I see or hear when I get asked about speed bench is about variation.

When you are looking at your speed bench cycle there are 3 ways of varying your speed bench.

- bar weight
- tension weight
- specialty bars

Typically I rotate first one, then the other. Right now I'm just using the football bar and will do so for about the next 4 weeks so that's not going to change.

I'll use 225 and doubled minis for the first week, 245 for the second and 275 for the third.

Then back down to 225 but with doubled monster minis, 245 and so on

Then I'll use doubled minis and choked monsters - work through weights in according weeks

Then doubled monsters and choked minis - same deal.

The list of variations can go on and on if you include chains and grip variations.

The key to keeping your speed bench moving forward is variation. You have to work on keeping your body challenged or it will become stagnant very quickly.

Aside from injuries incurred from speed bench, I find this to be the most common reason as to why people lose faith in speed bench and their progress slows. They go into the gym and use the same weights, varying things haphazardly every now and then and it gets old.