Are you assessing the unseen genetics?

Who is assessing a reasonable goal from an Un-reasonable one? Who is assessing what is best for long term metabolic cooperation; which is way more important than short term weight loss or a trophy. Here are a few clues to look for:

1. If you have to go weeks without carbs, and without energy for life, you should not be competing.

2. If you have to do hours of cardio, even in the off-season, you are being misguided by people who clearly do not understand the basics of energy systems and exercise physiology.

3. If your “before” contest pictures and “in-contest” pictures look like two different people, you are surely damaging your metabolism. This isn’t an achievement to be applauded, it’s a warning sign. If your post-contest pictures, say 5 months post contest, looks like a different person, this is also a bad sign.

4. If you suffer tremendous water weight changes, intolerance for normal foods while dieting, etc.. you are risking your future metabolism as well.

5. For frequent competitors if you find your off-season weight keeps rising each season, this is a bad sign. You do NOT have the metabolic resilience for competition and your body is trying to tell you that.

Metabolic genetics are the unseen genetics that no one talks about. Not until it usually becomes full blown metabolic burn-out or metabolic damage. I see no trophy that is worth that kind of trade-off. There is no glory in competing against your future wellness.