Hey guys, it's been a long time since I've been here.

I have a problem with my knees. Since about the beginning of the year until May I was squatting ATG with a very narrow stance so I can easily hit ATG (I am 6 3' so I have long legs), and this was slowly aggravating my medial meniscii on both of my knees. I stopped lifting until the end of June where it was getting better but I had an offer to do an internship and it required me to walk for about forty minutes a day to and from home, which further aggravated my knees and it slowed down the healing process.

What I do to treat them is that I walk with a wide stance using my hips so I don't have to bend my knees a lot and it helps me a lot, but I walk to school (I am a senior) and the light load in my backpack still stresses my knees. I have had a bad knee injury like this before and I think that it was probably my meniscii in my right knee as I was barely able to bend it for a couple of months, but that was over two years ago and I was able to squat heavy after that.

Have any of you guys ever had experience with this injury? I foolishly aggravated it a few these past few months but it is healing very slowly and I really want to avoid knee surgery.

Thanks in advance.