I am currently working out with all compound lifts EXCEPT an isolation finisher.

Three times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) and alternating between Workout A and B. Therefore, one week Workout A will be done twice and B once. The next week, B will be done twice and A once.

Workout A:

CALF RAISES 3x15 (yes, I know it's an isolation lol)
CHINS 4x10
BENCH 4x10
3x10 of one tricep isolation exercise.

Workout B:
ROWS 4x10
3x10 of one bicep isolation exercise.

Once all reps are completed on all sets, the weight increases for next time.
2 mins rest between all sets EXCEPT DEADS, three mins.
Workouts are no longer than 45mins to 1 hr.

I am knackered by the end, almost vomited twice at the end of my last session, so I don't muck about.
Or would I be better doing 4 days a week and separating the muscle groups? eg: Mon CHEST, Tues BACK, Thurs LEGS etc???