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Thread: Squat Form Checks. Help appreciated

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    Squat Form Checks. Help appreciated


    I have been squatting for a while now, but recently started fixing and rebuilding my squat from the ground up, so I had to take a couple steps backwards...

    this is where I am at on my 2nd cycle of Wendler's 531.

    Obviously this is not a strong squat, yet. But I am looking for tips and critique on my form and where I need to improve as I go along...

    week 1: 3x5 (last set being 107,5kg)


    week 2: 3x3 (last set 112,5kg)


    thanks in advance

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    Its not terrible. The biggest issue I see is with your elbow position. As the weights get heavier, it may push you more forward. You corrected it a bit after the unrack, but I find it best to keep position the entire time by getting in a good one at the setup. Lately I have placed the bar a little further down in my hand so I am able to get the elbows really wrenched under there.

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