When I first started my journey as a coach and competitor 18 years ago, “Hardcore” seemed to mean something much more different than it does today. “Hardcore” was a certain work ethic to do with training and commitment. It was rarely given out, and when someone described anyone that way, it was a good thing.

Well, how things have changed. Now Hardcore seems to be some tag that means, willing to do anything to one’s body with little regard to commitment to a work ethic as a defining element toward goal achievement. These days, “Hardcore” seems to mean being willing to spend one’s last dollar on chemical substances, brag about doing 2 hours of cardio a day, etc… with no regard to consequences.

When you have the mentality of a true athlete, it is about performance criterion, learning training, learning nutrition, applying it with a champion effort and then letting the chips fall. To me this is the being “Hardcore”.

Also far too many dwell on this or that contest win, or this or that contest loss. Learn from triumphs and losses. Even something like competing whether Figure or Bodybuilding, etc…whether at level one or at the highest level, can have true meaning to last a lifetime, or it can offer nothing more than time wasted competing.