The meet went well, not how I wanted to end the year, but I'm still happy with the results. 3-4 weeks out I decided to lose weight and start a diet that will help me do that. So I got with Tim Gale from the Jersey Iron crew and he set me up and got me on the way towards a goal I wanted to accomplish at weigh-ins. After 3 weeks of dieting, I lost 8lbs with no cardio. I weighed in at exactly 242lbs which was the goal and was able to bench a 5lb PR. I know it doesn't sound like much, but this is the first meet where I didn't have to water load or change the way I eat the week of the meet. I kept eating exactly how I was eating the previous two weeks. So I owe him and Tone a big thanks!!! As for the meet, I finished with a 633 squat (no wraps or sleeves), 440 bench (5lb PR), 727 deadlift (5lb PR). Ended with an 1800 total @ 242 w/o sleeves or wraps. Since this was my first meet under those rules, this will be a PR by default. Thanks to Chris Mason from AtLarge Nutrition, Ken Anderson from Anderson Powerlifting, Tone Barbaccio and Tim Gale from Jersey Iron, Justin Cobb from New Dimensions, and Scott Lamb from Vanilla Gorilla Strength Athletics.